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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  July 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> 39 out of their laptops and desktops and monitors were considered environmentally friendly including the mac book perot. the company has just pulled all 39 off of that green less. >> we were disappointed to hear that. >> she is the director of the services on barman and says the city and county can no longer buy apple products because of a city ordinance. >> any apple products that are specifically laptops, desktops, or monitors, would no longer qualify as a green product in the city and county of san fransisco for city agencies. >> it is a small percentage, in 2010 the city says that is spent $3.8 million on computers, $45,000 was spent on apple. but not just san fransisco, san jose, los angeles county, culver city, and the state of california including the uc school system follow those green standards according to these guidelines and that is just the public-sector. >> this is a big danger step for
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the company, they're banking on the fact that their customer base will not carry enough and could be wrong. when they glued the battery to their laptop which makes them difficult to recycle. >> they say this decision by a corporation as large as apple could have global effect. >> ultimately who loses are the people in countries all across the globe that have to deal with our electronic waste, in india and china and west africa, there disassembling are electronic waste. more waste will be created by a decision like this. >> even if you do not care about the environment and just like apple products, here's something they point out. if the company is gluing the battery into the products, the chronicle will only last as long as the battery. and one more note, we tried to contact apple but did not get a comment but they told the wall street journal that " there design direction is not compatible people with the standards ".
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>> well, the bay area is heating up, on the first day of what is expected to be a small heat wave, temperatures hit triple digits in parts of the east bay. roberta gonzales in the weather center with today's highs. >> a classic summertime weather pattern. within 40 mi. from half moon bay all the way into livermore we had a good 40 degree temperature span and the same story in pacifica. fairfield also topping off at the triple digit. 92 degrees in san rafael. san jose 10 degrees above normal. this is the scene right now. look at the stratas commonly referred to as the marine layer. up and over the golden gate bridge. that west wind up to 20 m.p.h., knocking back a senator to 61 degrees in san fransisco and it is now 69 degrees in oakland but we're still very warm in santa rosa. another hot day. we will 10. temperatures, and this all comes
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at a cost. an alert that you need to know about coming up later in this broadcast. >> following a developing story out of oakland where officers are investigating a deadly shooting that happened this morning at 82nd avenue and birch streets. police are seeing a body found 3 mi. from the scene is tied to that shooting. the man was found shot to death in the backseat of a car near and interstate 580 off ramp in east oakland. family members say that he was trying to break up a fight when he got shot. officers believe that he was driven to the location where he was left in the car by the driver who then took off. the victim is a 20 year-old man but his name is not being released until all of his relatives have been notified. also in oakland police say that two people said " no " to a robber and were then shot. it happened last night near macarthur boulevard. police say the gunman tried to rob them and fired several shots when they resisted and then ran away. the victims are expected to
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survive. police have not caught the gunman. >> police in the north bay, two men following a shooting deaths and one person to the hospital. it is a place that is well known to police, does canteen on santa rosa avenue was the site of a deadly shooting late last year. ann noterangelo has more on the place that some say is a hot spot for gangs. >> it is dead today. he says that is took a dive after word of this morning's shooting. >> right away, today no one is here. because american people saw the problem on the news and twitter. >> he says that they need a live music to draw in late night crowds to survive but it meant that it draws in a different clientele. >> i don't want to say anything rude. but, it is like, a lot of latino people around here, they just
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have a clash. >> he and another person that works nearby say that they see people drinking in the parking lot and fighting. jason showed us the back of the restaurant where graffiti still bleeds through the new paint. he described it as a billboard for gangs. >> this area right here is prone to those to gangs running into one another. >> to you consider this to be a problem location? >> most definitely. at this point, most definitely. we have had five major assaults within the last 12 months. >> police say that only one case was gang-related. this morning a man was shot and two people arrested after an argument. police say that the primary problems seem to be large crowds, too much out all, and underage drinking. two of the witnesses were miners that were drunk and that is not uncommon. >> good the bar be doing a better job managing its patrons? >> we believe so.
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at some of those compromises have been done in the city and i'm sure that those are being looked at. >> like other cities in the bay area that have had problems associated with the bar scene, the santa rosa city attorney and alcohol beverage control are looking for ways to rein in the bar. there for step is to examine their permit but miguel does not think that the restaurant is a problem. >> you don't feel less safe here than anywhere else? >> anywhere you go is dangerous now. >> maybe so, but instead of focusing on the violence after the fact, more cities are leaning on bar owners to prevent crime from happening. >> a child abuse case against a south bay elementary school teacher took an unusual twist. in a rare move prosecutors are now going after the principle. len ramirez is here with what she allegedly failed to do that now has her charge with a crime. >> that is right, the district
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attorney but knowledge is that this is a very unusual occurrence, an allegation of failure to report a crime against the principle of this elementary school. in this case, a child molestation. if convicted they could land a principal in jail for up to six months. >> for neighborhood parents, still upset over the alleged molestation of five students at this elementary school by their teacher. the arrest today of the school principal for failing to report the crime to police was yet another shock. >> i guess blame needs to fall on someone. and, she is the fall guy. >> the santa clara county district attorney's office has issued an arrest warrant for the principal, seen here in a photograph from her linked in page. >> in october 2011 a parents and ultimately a student came forward and reported it to her specific information that we believe would have caused any reasonable person in her
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position to know that an active child abuse had occurred. and she did nothing with that information. >> the principles attorney sent out a statement that reads in part coat the principle, the child's parents, and the school district were all aware of the conduct had no way of knowing that the conduct was of a sexual nature. the district attorney says that the principle did eventually notified the district office but potential evidence in the case was lost in the meantime. >> the parent brought in the jacket that the child was wearing during the alleged incident, and that jacket had a suspicious stain on it and she provided that jacket to the principle, the principal looked at it and determined that nothing more needed to be done. she returned the jacket to the parents and the parent has watched several times, and any forensic evidence that the jacket would have had has been lost forever. >> another consequence of the failure to report is that another child was victimized after that one child came forward with her parents
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reported to the principle. so this case is growing and severity, in fact the charges against mr. chandler, five counts of trommel station, he is due to go to trial next month but as a result of this, that principle is no longer going to be a witness in that case because she could bring up, by letting her fifth amendment rights by testifying in that case. it is all a very unusual situation happening here now. >> and coming up in the next half-hour, a closer look at why it is so difficult for california school districts to get rid of teachers suspected of committing crimes against children. >> is san fransisco landlord has agreed to a record fine of $800,000 for letting his renters living in deplorable conditions. raw sewage, extensive mold and mildew, and rodent infestations are just a few of the citations against the bay view property managers. since 2001 the city has lawmen
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and 400 violations at more than half the company's 32 properties. >> the money is one thing, but the improvement of housing conditions is the most important thing for the tenants and i have every confidence in the world that we will be able to get payments and improvements that everyone wants to see. >> most of the violations are concentrated in units around the bay view neighborhood. the company's president is a former public-works engineer and has until september 15th to fix those violations. other bay area headlines, oakland police will give city council members a disappointing report on the city's 90 day crime cutting plan. the report says several major crime spike including rape and assault with a deadly weapon. murders did drop slightly in parts of east oakland. and bart has exonerated a police officer that shot and killed a knife wielding homeless man at the civic center station. five months ago the distant attorney ruled that he fired his weapon in self-defense.
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shortly after the shooting he left bart to work for the fbi. the victim's brother has filed a wrongful death suit against bart. >> when one of them came into my room i started shivering. >> she heard the intruders and hid in the closet. what the bay area girl did next that earned her the praise of her parents? >> as tiny as they can be under services: all. how some living spaces could shrink even further? >> in makes sense to live and work here.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a 12 year-old girl called police from a closet to tell them that burglars were in her new home. a bold crime committed in the
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middle of the day. john ramose has that story from fremont. >> i heard banging on the front door, they were ringing the doorbell. >> on monday when the 12 year- old peeked out of the window of her fremont home, she did not recognize the woman at the front door or the man standing by the car, it was to 30 p.m. and her father had just left a few minutes earlier to drop his other daughter off at a swimming lesson. she did not answer and went back to her room to study. >> suddenly i heard the automatic time that happens when a window or door is opened. >> intruders had entered the house from an unlocked window in the back. but instead of panicking she grabbed a cellphone and hid in her bedroom closet and called 9 1 1. >> when one of them came into my room i started shivering and told the person on the phone that one of them was in my room. >> luckily he never looked in the closet. police arrived a few minutes later but the thieves had fled
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the scene, taking money and electronics. and that is when dad got home >> it was a shock. i cannot believe. i had left the house for less than 50 minutes. >> brewers will wait for people to go to work and sometimes watched them leave, they then knock on the door and no one answers, they go into the backyard and enter through a window. police say that tonya did everything right but they do recommend that kids answer the door that mom or dad is on the phone and to come back later. then at the strangers hang around, call 9 1 1. >> she did the right thing by calling the police. and the remaining calm, that was the most important thing. >> we need to improve the safety issue because, i don't want them to come again obviously. >> dad agrees and says that he is looking into security measures for their home and the others in the neighborhood.
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>> it is a tight fit but it could become reality in san fransisco. city leaders are deciding if apartments can have a 150 sq. ft. of living space, down from 220. that is just enough for a room with a twin bed and oven, refrigerator, a sink and a small kitchen table. did i say bathroom? no. joe vasquez is here with on who these shoe box apartments are geared towards. >> the small apartments in san fransisco could get smaller. >> a little cramped, it is a little cramped. >> patrick kennedy from a development firm showed me his life-size model of the tiniest apartment allowed by the state. a little smaller than the one being proposed for san fransisco. rant would start at $900 per month. he says that there are 50,000 new college students and 8000 workers in the technology field coming into services for every
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year. >> if we can build several thousand new units of housing for that demographic, single students and a single technology workers, we can relieve pressure. >> we fight all the time to make sure that renters live in decent housing conditions. >> but how decent would be, she wonders, if the tiny apartment becomes the new affordable housing? >> we're concerned about the precedent it sets. that is ok for people to live in these very tiny shoebox apartments that me of them, maybe the size of a parking space. >> we need to make sure that we're building diverse housing that meets everyone's needs. >> scott wenner has proposed new changes and his colleagues will decide whether to approve the shoebox apartment at a supervisors' meeting two weeks from today. >> speaking of tight living arrangements, how close are you to your co-workers? some silicon valley technology teams are taking social networking
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concepts to home level. zack is here to take us inside. >> just a few months ago erik was swatting at aol without permission while building his start up and now his company is well on its way with four employees, most of them live and work here with him in this palo alto house. >> we are acting on a very cool product, and, you know, most minutes of the day are spent working on it or thinking about it so make sureit makes sense to live and work here. >> a bed here ... >> and we runs the house, she came here from france six months ago to be at ground zero the technology world. >> the concept is about offering a four developers where they can work as they live and live as they work. this is the new concept of co
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working space in silicon valley. >> she learned how important these houses are to summon the people who wanted to parts so she is launching her own start up to help people find these houses anywhere. calling it " start up park, it focuses on hacker houses. >> as a first experiment of the project. >> it can run $40 per night. the concept was likely inspired by the movie the social network. mark zuckerberg had a house right here in palo alto. he says that it is important to be here where all of the major companies are based. >> i live here because it is nice to be in the company of like-minded people. i learn something every day and everyone is doing something a little bit different. >> they have put aside their work for some occasional fund. in palo alto, cbs 5.
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>> another technology company making the move to san francisco. this time is interest. the sight lets people post pictures of things they like like food and clothing or home to court. to their personal online boards. they will leaves palo alto to the soma neighborhood soon. two big retailers joining forces for the holidays, target is teaming up with neiman-marcus for a special holiday collection. most stores will offer limited stock from 24 designers. most items will be less than $60. tuesday the 10th day of the month of july. good evening everyone. do you want to see what 99 degrees look like? that is dublin looking out at mt. diablo. that is 99 degrees. wind is west of to 10 mi. per hour relative humidity at 12%, it is not everywhere except
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right along the coast. we are shrouded in a deck of low clouds and patchy fog. currently 97 degrees in fairfield. 97 degrees! 84 in san jose dropping down into the upper 50s with a very mild might in the fifties and low 60s. meanwhile this is impressive. transamerica building looking west, look at that fog bank. we can tell that it is roughly between five and 800 ft. deep because of the towers on the golden gate bridge stand 407 6 ft. tall so it is a condensed, compressed deck of low clouds and fog keeping the coast on the cool side. average high temperature in san fransisco 68 but instead tomorrow 70 degrees, three degrees above average. check out livermore and san jose. between 16 and 18 degrees above average coming at a price. air quality will be compromised tomorrow. another spare the air day. some patchy coastal fog otherwise we will have another
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sunny and hot day in land with an extended forecast calling for a cool down. 60s along the beaches all the way up to 98 degrees in morgan hill to the south. 103 to the east. east bay will be the hottest. north bay #stacking up to 95 degrees in navato and sonoma. 96 in santa rosa. if you're waiting for a cool down, you will see seasonal temperatures return but not until the end of the workweek and on saturday. that is your pinpoint forecast. >> the battle stretches beyond the soccer field. why a bay area turf war is raising fears of retaliation? >> you need to do that right now? ,,,,,,
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>> >> we're taking a live look now at san francisco city hall where supervisors have picked up two and half year old debate over soccer fields. by comparison, health care reform has been passed in less than a year. we're talking about the beach shall lay field in golden gate park, the plan would add synthetic turf and lighting, opponents of the project feel like they have been pushed out of the process of d are now pushing for an alternative site. supporters say the improvements are long overdue. >> i have had dozens of parents contacting me in the past two weeks, saying that they are very much opposed to these fields. but they have all asked to remain anonymous because they feel their children will be retaliated against. >> this has been a long and thoughtful and serious discussion that has gone on for years.
6:26 pm
what we're hearing from families and kids is that " i like these fields to get built and have the opportunity to play on them before my kids graduate from high school. >> the new field would be built with help of a multiple million dollar donation. >> a silicon valley yoga instructor said she was fired for giving a disapproving look to a student who used a smart- phone during class. she taught at facebook and cisco systems but says two weeks after the incident at facebook, her company dismissed her. >> if i am in an environment where i do not feel like i am appreciated and my skills are valued and that is not a plan someone to teach in and unfortunately that is what is going on there. >> she says that she got a letter saying " we are in the business of providing great customer service, unless a client requires us to specifically say no to something, we prefer to say " yes whenever possible. >> it is insane,
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>> y a bay area man got a $100 fine for being just one nickel short? >> i don't know why this is happening to us. it is sad. >> devastation in the bay area neighborhood known for its holiday cheer. how is a painful case of deja vu. >> suspected of committing crimes b,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> how can a nickel cost you more than $100? apparently that happen when you ride muni. it happened to one passenger who was 5¢ short on his fair. mike sugerman has the story that you will only see here on cbs 5. >> would you rather pay 75¢ for a train ride or $125? that is a rhetorical question. but this man did not have a choice and feels that he is literally being nickel and diming to. >> it is insane. it is technocracy run amok.
6:31 pm
>> he was waiting for a muni cart earlier this year, clipper card in hand. when here comes a train ... >> i had to reach between people in the car and tapped my card and i heard it be, which was my signal that i had paid the fare. >> he is a senior so it is only 75¢. but also getting on at the stop was the muni ferry inspectors. >> they told me i only had 70¢ on my card and the fare was 75. the car had not taken any of the money and i could not pay the money and i was fine for $100 .. >> he appealed his case and lost. >> i feel for him. >> says muni, who also says that a lot is the law. >> customers do need to remember that they need to keep track on what is on their card. >> but john salmons research that he did that says " if your ferret exceeds your available
6:32 pm
cash balance, you can complete your trip as long as you have at least one penny on your card, then add value before your next trip ". you should not get a ticket according to their website. >> can you believe this? >> i will need to check with them on that because i do not know why it would say that. >> you have never heard that? >> i have never heard that explanation before. >> there could be some change in the works ... >> it is a bay area home known for decades for its impressive holiday displays. and tonight it is trash. a house on walnut avenue went up in flames overnight. it is the second fire at that address so far this year. the first one was in january. the house has been sitting empty ever since. >> i have to go through this again, i don't know why this is happening to us. it is just sad.
6:33 pm
>> no word yet on how the fire started. the house was set to be demolished this week in preparation for a restoration project. >> the fire at pier 39 will not delay plans for next year's america's cup races. that is according to a report from the port of san fransisco. right now the port is figuring out which parts of that building can be saved and which parts need to be restored. there's no estimate on how much the reconstruction will cost. >> president obama carried iowa in 2008 and today he was back with hopes of doing the same thing. at a rally in cedar rapids he pushed his pitch to extend the bush era tax cuts for middle- class households while letting cuts for wealthier americans expire. his republican rival mitt romney insists that that move would hurt small businesses. >> so at the very time the american people are seeing fewer jobs created then we need, the president announces that he will
6:34 pm
make it harder for jobs to be created. >> i believe that we should make sure the taxes on the 98 percent of americans don't go up, and then we should let the tax cuts expire for people like me. >> the president has already warned congress that he will veto any tax cut extension for wealthier americans. if lawmakers do not act then all the cuts will expire at the end of the year. house republicans are mobilizing for an election-year vote to repeal the president's health- care law. gop lawmakers spent the day lambasting the law as a threat to the nation's economic recovery. in the run-up to the vote tomorrow democrats are quick to point out that a lack of a republican alternative. it is all for show since the measure will not survive in the democratically controlled senate. on wall street stocks fell for the fourth straight day, the dow dropped 83 points on the profit slump at technology companies. the nasdaq and s&p also closed
6:35 pm
lower. oil prices dropped more than $2 to about $84 per barrel. >> it may be hard to believe but california teachers who are suspected of committing crimes against children are still on the payroll. tonight we have a closer look at why it is extremely difficult for school districts to get rid of them. and it will not get any easier. >> charged with five counts of child cruelty in february and awaiting trial, this redwood city teacher is still collecting a paycheck from the school districts. 23 counts of lewd acts against a child had this los angeles teacher, a $40,000 payout to leave his job. according to state law, there is little that school districts can do. >> when it comes to something as fundamental as keeping children safe, if we're going to hold school board members accountable, we need to give them the taurus to make sure they keep our kids safe. >> but a bill was killed that
6:36 pm
would have put the final decision in the hands of school districts in violence, sexual, and drug-related cases even though it had bipartisan support. >> it covers the most heinous situations. >> this service is so assembly member voted against it. >> but even after repeated interview requests he is not talk about why. at the defeat was another win for the california teachers association that vehemently fought the legislation. >> this is a very important issue, not because we value to process more than we value the protections to students, because the law does not allow us to do that. >> tester and administrators say that firing one teacher cost more than $100,000 and that the rules teachers' unions protect our and abuse of their power. >> it is very similar to the nra, they have taken an extreme position on this particular issue that they lost a lot of credibility. >> the california teachers association say that the bill
6:37 pm
would have eroded teachers' rights. >> it stripped them of to process rights, and took a process that was equitable and fair, and through it into the emotionally charged arena. >> the issue that could not be resolved at the state house could be resolved of the courthouse with a case that have been brought against the government and school districts all across the state. >> you're looking at a five-year process. >> this attorney says the current system violates students' rights of people protection guaranteed by the constitution. he addthat teachers are among the most protected workers and the states. >> the process for removing a teacher has become more difficult than the criminal justice system. next to impossible to get rid of an ineffective teacher. only 0.002% of teachers statewide are removed for poor performance each year. >> school districts cannot even initiate the process of firing teachers during the summer months. the union claims that it would
6:38 pm
not give teachers fair notice during their off months. if you have a story idea log onto and click on connect. you can send me an e-mail. >> a case of the rest were needing to be rescued. however helicopter accident reversed the roles for a bay area hiker and his injured friend. >> how did stunt drivers race around the streets of san ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> breaking news from the east bay, we're getting word about a power outage at the berkeley bart station, apparently it has impacted bart service in the east bay. no word specifically on delays but we'll keep monitoring the situation and bring you any updates. >> and air force doctor hurt
6:41 pm
while hiking in the northern california wilderness ended up saving his rescuer. he broke his leg last week in the shasta trinity national forest. chp officer tony stanley was part of the crew called to airlift him out but as he started up a slope towards the injured hiker, his helicopter, still spinning rotor blade, hit him in hand. with the help of his hiking partner he immediately hobbled to the aid of stanley. >> it was the hardest thing i have ever done in my life. he was supporting me and i was tripping over rocks to get to this guy because now i see him and i know he is hurt. >> the officer had a fractured skull but he could not have asked for better help. dr. tiller born is an air force maj that served as a trauma surgeon in afghanistan. both men are now recovering. >> the streets of san francisco transformed into a race track. how it has gone viral on youtube and how the film makers
6:42 pm
managed to pull this off? >> we managed to stay cool in mind where today reached 101 degrees in livermore and fairfield, still now in the mid- 90s. the hottest of the week still to come, we will pinpoint that but first here is vernon. >> an all-star game counter programming night, we'll give you the hottest female tennis player on the plan at st. from winning he
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> this video is for those of us with a need for speed. it has reviewed on youtube more than 6 million times in the past two days. it features of a rally car burning rubber on the streets of san fransisco. linda yee shows us how the film makers pulled it off. >> it is steve mcqueen redo and
6:46 pm
his famous chase scene through san fransisco hills. >> it is one of the most iconic chase scenes in all of the genre of chase scenes for cars. it is definitely something that i took as an influence. >> this rally race car driver in his fifth installment of a video franchise for escape or a shoe company storing the streets of san francisco. >> san fransisco is known for the steep hills, and these transitions and jumps and also for the cable cars. so we had a great location scout that was able to work with the city to figure out various locations to do everything. >> including the bay bridge with what looked like no cars. that did not happen, says the highway patrol. what they did do was block all the traffic and let it moves slowly across the bridge while the production crew shot their scenes in front of them.
6:47 pm
it was all done in just a couple of takes. >> usually when you do a shot like that, you take a lot of time to set up the camera and get the camera movement perfect. but because we only had a short amount of time on the bridge, it was done rushed. i do not think that we interrupted traffic too much that saturday morning but i really appreciate the citizens of san francisco for putting up with us and letting us make a few tire marks on the bridge. >> about those tread marks on the bridge and on city streets, >> you should not able to see those anymore. the production crew is required to hire the city to come and clean up those markets. >> filming took four days of off our shooting, there will be no disruptions and commute traffic blocked and the city's take, $1 million. in case you have not noticed, it was a commercial. >> a 10 minute commercial that is basically motorsports eye
6:48 pm
candy, a very expensive commercial at the end of the day. >> they're selling skate or shoes, they're seen for about 20 seconds. definitely not a product have the advertisements. >> wow. we have that video on >> don't let anyone fool you, that is actually video of dana king making her way to work each and every day. she is late again!. what a day we had across the bay today. a good 40 degree temperatures spend. in somit was 101 degrees in livermore, also in fairfield, four degrees above average in san jose and 89 in santa rosa and san fransisco pretty much spot on for this time of the year. this is a live weather camera,
6:49 pm
quite impressive looking at the deck of low clouds and fog rolling in over the golden gate bridge. you can barely see one of the powers which stands 746 ft. tall. this marine deck of cloudiness is roughly between 500 and 800 ft. deep and pushing the cooler air mass on shore. 59 this hour in san fransisco. in the eastern portion of the bay area looking at mt. diablo, blue skies, a little bit of a tinge in the atmosphere today. west wind at 15. tonight official sundown at 8:33 p.m.. otherwise tomorrow, hottest day of this work week. back to seasonal readings by friday and into saturday. tonight mild and 50's and low 60s. i want to bring up something because we have monsoon moister working its way up from arizona and trying to work its way through the back door. could even reach monterey bay by thursday. but meanwhile, we are right in the middle of a classic summertime weather pattern that
6:50 pm
comes at a price. tomorrow will be yet another spare the air day where air quality will be compromised. except along the coast and into the bay where we will be the recipient of the west win between 10 and 20. tomorrow numbers going up. '70s and '80s on the peninsula including palo alto and los altos. meanwhile mountain view also in the mid 80s. mid-90s around the santa clara valley and east of the babies are the hottest temperatures for going all the way up to 103 degrees in brentwood and tracy and oakley. 100 degrees in dublin. mid 90's to the north and low 60s in stinson beach with barely any clearing. there is,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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>> 72 hours ago she was hoisting not want, but to wimbledon trophies. won four singles and another for doubles. now serena williams is happy and healthy and in the bay area for next events, the bank of the west classic. she is back at stanford as the defending champion. she left england a day early to get here on time. she was the oldest player to win
6:54 pm
wimbledon since 1990. even more emotional for her, she thought that her career might be over a year ago and she would never return from a few health scares but she did. after winning her fifth singles title, none other than john mcenroe called her the greatest women's tennis player of all time. earlier today i asked her what her reaction was to that ... >> well, my jaw dropped because, i still feel like i'm just doing the best i can. i feel like i can play better. and it is weird so i'm just enjoying it. >> isn't it about how much you want to challenge yourself? when you are on, doesn't matter who is on the other side of that net? >> when i'm playing my best it is hard for anyone to beat me and i honestly believe that. so if i can just get to that level, for me it is just about getting there, and maintaining. >> for the wannabe out there that tried to play this game,
6:55 pm
just share with us just the raw emotion that you had out there on the court, winning the fifth one, jumping and hugging team williams? >> it was great, this was a long awaited thing for me going from the point where i was not sure i would play again, to winning, championships, and wimbledon, of all of them. that is what made it ultimately special. >> back on top? >> almost, i'm trying to get there. >> it will be a busy month for you, you have this in the olympic games and then i get you run the table over the u.s. open? >> exactly so my next goal is obviously the bank of the west classic. i'm here right now and i want to do the best i can. >> is this part of your clothing line? >> this is my brand, which is very cool. >> i don't think that it is my color. >> it comes in black ... i think
6:56 pm
that you would look good in black. >> one last thing, as we wrap this up before you hit the door. what is the mindset, what changes, when you are out there on the court, now that you have essentially have it back, share with us the mindset. >> just to stay there and not let anything get there and just do the best i can. >> the first round match will be wednesday against nicole gibbs, out of stanford. the warriors spend the seventh pick in the draft on harrison barnes last month. his days as pickled in day's sport were numbered. the warriors have sent right to philadelphia for future considerations. he averaged 10 points per game last season and set a record with 194 three-pointer a few seasons ago. and from the " look what i found " file, carl kessler digs out a dusty old cardboard box from his grandfather's attic and opens it up and finds hundreds of small
6:57 pm
baseball cards bundled in twine. he sets it aside. two weeks later he was floored by a card collecting experts. >> when they called us up and said this is one of the most significant finds of baseball cards, ever. i did not believe it. but some of them were men condition. and it just blew everyone away. >> 700 cards with the likes of ty cobb, cy young, rare cards issued around 1910. it could net him up to $3 million. 37 cards will be at auction next month in baltimore. he says it is like
6:58 pm
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